Fuller Road Transit Station - In Sally's Words

I don’t think the City should continue its efforts to explore building a train station at Fuller Road for two reasons:  First, Fuller Road is parkland and the jury is still out on whether it is legal for the city to repurpose this land without a public vote. 

Second, the federal stimulus package from which an initial $400 Million was awarded to the State of Michigan for high speed rail has since been defunded by the Senate Panel. Ann Arbor was awarded $2.8M of this money and it is intended for preliminary engineering and environmental documentation. The majority of the rest of the money is intended for corridor purchasing and repairs, not a train station in Ann Arbor. There is no certainty that federal dollars will ever become available. 

But what if the City were to have the money to build anew? The City would do better upgrading the current train station and acquiring the adjacent Michcon property for expansion. The City could build a beautiful river side station with easier access to downtown. 

At their June 4th meeting, City Council voted to accepted the $2.8M grant money to be used toward its agreement with SmithGroup JJR. That agreement, known as PSA Amendment #2 calls for a “more rigorous evaluation” of the Depot Street site. I look forward to hearing the results of that study. 

Read the latest debate on funding for the Fuller Road Transit Station: